Safe Clic™

Find here our 2-in-1 Safe Clic™ system dedicated to ALPHA-BIO TEC™'s SPI, DFI ou ATID implants.

It allows you to work directly with a titanium abutment as a permanent abutment. The burn-out coping is transfered in the print. Its hexagonal entry/exit identical to the abutment avoids repositionning issues.

They are also compatible with the following brands :

  • ALPHA-BIO TEC™ (ADIN™,A'B Dental™, Cortex™, TAV™) : Swell™, Touareg™,
  • Screw type™, Conical™, SPI™, DFI™, Sirius™, Silhouette™...
  • MIS™ : Lance™, Biocom™, M4™, Seven™
  • ZIMMER BIOMET™ : Tapered Screw-vent™

Safe Clic™

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