Liste des produits de la marque SURCAM

SURCAM is a dynamic fast moving company designing, developing and
manufacturing of high quality medical instrumentation. We are specializing
in the manufacturing of medical equipment and titanium abutments for
dental screw implants.


SURCAM was established by Mr. Asher Ben Shabbat in 2002 with a
desire to create a place where medical experts and Clinicians can come
and make their Idea's and medical innovations come true, offering his
own mechanical knowledge and years of experience with the
development and production of medical equipment to the use and aid
of doctors and practitioners and to create a high quality environments
for the development of outstanding mechanical devises for medical
applications. With over 20 years of experience in medical equipment
development and production with major medical producers around the
globe, Mr. Ben Shabbat offers his knowhow and understanding of
medical procedures to Doctors and technical experts and helps them
with the most difficult task: To move from idea and sketch to prototype
and actual production of a working high quality medical device.

One of SURCAM's most important founding principles is customer service
and support. This means fulfilling individual customer needs.
This is accomplished by establishing flexible operations systems which
allows products to be easily tailored to specific needs and yet delivered
in a short time. It also means providing quick responses to inquiries –
whether technical or commercial in nature.
We pride ourselves in giving accurate answers to questions within
minutes or hours.
We are constantly working to improve our already high standards of
quality, performance and reliability backed by service and support.